Race for Life NOW

Race For Life Now

Some of humanity’s greatest achievements are now taken for granted – restoring sight to the blind, or hearing to the death, eradicating polio, defeating cancer …


Well perhaps not that last one. Not yet.

The battle with cancer has been long and hard and many important victories have been won. Some cancers are now eminently curable and others have become less severe as a result of new treatments and the constant research work undertaken across the globe. But even so, there can hardly be anybody who doesn’t know at least one person who has been diagnosed with cancer and most of us have observed a friend, family member or colleague going through the demanding process of battling it.

At https://www.seo-experts.gr we believe small things can create big changes, which is why we’re delighted to be throwing our weight behind Marina Cristofi and her team of runners, including Theo and Kyri, now five, who completed their first Race For Life when they were just two years old, and Marina V who will be running the Finsbury Park race this year, whilst six months pregnant!

Donations matter, and so does support. We’re glad to help fundraise for this worthwhile project and to make our contribution to the fund that will – one day – beat cancer forever. When that day comes, all those who helped make this dream into a reality will have the pleasure of knowing they helped change the world, whether they made a multi-million dollar donation, or threw their weight behind a local project like our support of Marina’s team of runners, or whether they’re attempting the run for the first time to support or remember somebody who experienced cancer. We like to do business in a way that makes the world a better place, so we’re supporting Marina and her team …because some battles just need to be won.


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