Social Media And SEO everything you should know

Social Media And SEO

social-mediaSocial Media and SEO .Today SEO has come a long way and it continues to evolve as many new strategies are developed with the emergence of many new trends on the web. One of the factors that had a great effect on SEO and search engine ranking approaches is Social Media. There are numerous social media sites on the internet and many new websites are being launched regularly. One of the reasons for the increasing popularity of social media sites is the interactivity that is possible in the social media sites. Websites rather than being just information sharing platforms have moved on now to a different level which allows users to interact with one another online. This attracts more and more users to the social media sites.

As social media sites are crowd pullers, they have great impact on the SEO and the latest SEO strategies. With social media information gets shared fast and this helps in viral marketing. If you have information that is interesting enough when shared on the social media, you can be sure of reaching thousands of people at the same time.

Social media sites attract thousands of visitors each day, SEO experts make use of the social media sites to divert this traffic to their websites and it has proven to be one of the most effective traffic generation strategies. Social bookmarking sites are an offshoot of social media sites. Besides helping webmasters drive traffic to websites social media sites are also helpful in generating good quality back links to websites. Popular social media sites today have very high PR themselves and getting backlinks for websites from such high PR websites certainly gives a great PR boost to the linked websites. With interactive social media sites, the traditional link exchange campaigns are no more used. You can get one way links from the social media sites which reduce the need to run expensive link exchange campaigns.

Many new SEO strategies that we find today in the SEO industry are more and more social media oriented because the efforts taken in this direction are highly rewarded. Another important factor that has made social media sites so important is that social media sites allow people to interact online free of charge.

At one level social media sites help the SEO industry help webmasters get good online visibility but at another level, there is a noticeable increase in the level of spamming in the social media sites. To curb spamming, number of social media sites make use of ‘no follow’ attribute. With ‘no follow’ attribute in effect on social media sites, posts made on the social media sites with the mere intention of getting back links will not achieve its purpose.

Statistics indicate that social media sites will continue to increase because social media sites are becoming great hangout places not only for the youth but for all age groups. If you are planning your SEO efforts make sure that there is a significant social media slant to your efforts.

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