EMD update (exact match domain update) from Google.

EMD update (exact match domain update)

google-emd-update-seoexpertsEMD update (exact match domain update)

Quality websites are identified through TLD extensions like .Com, .Net, .Org and other domain extensions. Other parameters that are taken into consideration include the number of keywords used in the post and domains with stop words. If there are number of dashes, it is likely to be considered as a spamming site as the cost involved in entering the online world is nil. Similarly, if there are a number of hyphens in the link, it is possible that the link might be used as a mere promotional opportunity.  Let us check how EMD update will affect the prospect of your website.

What is the exact match update?

Domains which contain a particular keyword are told to be ‘Exact Match Domains’. For example, search.com, searchusa.com, searchsoftware.net are domains which contain the common word, ‘search’ in all domains. As per the EMD update, the number of keywords in a domain name and the dots and hyphens present in the domain name will affect your website’s rank. Hence, before registering a domain name you should consider in SEO point of view. It is better to know the rules of the game so that you can fare well in the SEO game with Google.

How to cope with EMD update?

In order to cope with EMD update, you should not hesitate to spend more money to get a decent domain name. You should not opt for second level domains like .mobi, .travel and .info. You should not prefer domain names which come with more than one dash. Your domain name should not have more than 3 or 4 words so that you will fare well in the EMD update. This applies when you go for top level domains like .com. If you opt for .net or .org, you should ensure that no more than 2 or 3 words are utilized.

To make most from EMD update, you should take care that there will be relation between the brand name and the domain name. The similarity will be a fetching factor. You should not go for over-optimization which will impact your overall site’s performance.

Advantages of EMD update

Startup companies can make the most through the EMD update. It is possible to generate traffic by taking enough care through registration of a right domain name with a relevance to the brand name. You can choose keywords with a relevance to social networking sites as well. By selecting a niche domain name and catering to a niche products and services market, you can derive more benefit through EMD update. It is easy to mention the brand name, domain name and keyword name.

Disadvantages of EMD update

The downside of the EMD update is that there is little scope to expand the brand. In the long run there is a possibility that the niche brand you are catering will become a generic brand. You might face difficulty with social media representation. It may create confusion about the brand in the long run. Your domain is likely to be treated as over-optimized through EMD update.

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