Is content the business solution - or are we just ugly guys dancing in the kitchen? -

Is content the business solution – or are we just ugly guys dancing in the kitchen?

Businesses are being told to ‘market content’and that if they don’t have valuable and shareable content they are failing to achieve what is possible for their business. But isn’t this like taking a skinny, social-skills-free nerd out of his corner of the kitchen (where he’s pontificating about the role of tannins in red wine) and sticking him behind the decks to DJ a rave?

Can you imagine the results …


Yes, so can I, and it’s not pretty. Not every nerd is a closet radical mixer, not every ugly guy wants to bust moves on the dance floor …maybe not every business is designed to have great content?

Actually, Shakespeare (author of great content) knew the answer to this, but we’ve forgotten the message he conveyed in several of his plays. In Much Ado about Nothing, Hero falls in love with Claudio because the Don Pedro woos her in Claudio’s name. In Midsummer Night’s Dream, various lovers fall in and out of love because Oberon gives Puck a love spell to put on them.

In other words, many of us need an intermediary to make people fall in love with us – and many businesses need an intermediary to make people fall in love with them.

So where have we gone so wrong?

Content has become like kissing – everybody is supposed to be good at it. And – just as you should be able to tell everything about a potential lover by the way they kiss you – so you should be able to tell everything about a business by its content.  Which is a tough test unpractised kissers and uncertain businesses.


What’s even worse is that no amount of practice kissing actually approaches the immense, knee-trembling power of being in a clinch with the object of our affections. Similarly, no amount of mulling over content helps us market our business, let handle the complexities of real-time communication with clients and partners.


Some people are just great smoochers and snoggers. Others are wonderful to go on a long walk with, and still others are perfect for watching a film with, or playing tennis with, or …whatever we do. To define all our relationships by kissing would be insane, so to define a business’s value by its content marketing would be equally crazy.  And yet we do.


Why content marketing matters


When we market content we create something of value and express it in an attractive way – these two processes: creation and expression, are vital to the success of almost any enterprise, whether it’s a consultancy, a factory or an eatery. A great meal, served unattractively, or a great product, delivered late and with poor instructions, are both like nerds dancing in the kitchen.


Content is not an optional extra, its part of everything your business does.


Finding the content

If you accept that content is a natural outgrowth of a healthy business, it should be easy to find – right?

Not so.  Content can be obvious to an expert but invisible to the average person …even if the ‘average person’is the founder or CEO of the business. For many businesses the problem is not to identify the content but to find somebody who will mine their business for content, present it compellingly, and ensure that the presentation of that great content brings rewards for the business.

Organisations like (us, in fact!) exist to find, hone and market content, just as talent scouts exist to find, hone and market talent. There’s no point dragging the nerd out of the kitchen and making him dance if his hidden talent is to play the ukelele. So what do we do? We find him an audience of ukelele fans and watch him become a star, rather than a stumbling fool. In Shakespeare’s terms, we woo the customer on your behalf, so they fall in love with you.


Our task is threefold:


  1. We find the right topics to cover,
  2. We select the right language in which to communicate, and – above all –
  3. We know what it is we’re trying to achieve with the content we create for you.


Perhaps you’re seeking more page views, or you may be wanting to convert viewers to customers, or your aim might even be to become an authority in your field. Content without purpose is like nerd dancing – everything moves but there’s no result! This is the fault that most businesses fall into; they expend great effort to create content but they have little or no idea what the return for their investment should be.

That’s why we’re specialists in creating great content. It might be an infographic that goes viral, an article that reaches the half dozen leaders in the area you want to be top of, or a personal story that engages the attention of people who are therefore converted to your way of thinking (or shopping, or exercising or reading or …whatever it is you want them to buy into).


Plan the package

Content is a gift, so gift-wrap it. Experts in content creation help businesses to craft a gorgeous appearance for their stellar content. They make it as appetising as a cold drink on a hot day, as cute as a kitten and as powerful as a lion’s roar. Did you know that 79% of online ‘readers’scan pages before deciding whether to read them? What use is your content if looks just about as exciting as filling in your tax return on a rainy Monday morning?


Exactly. Nerd presentation could be destroying all your good work. For your content to soar, it needs specialist support from SEO experts who can give it wings.


Pitching your nerd into the spotlight


So, we’ve found out what your nerd is good at. We’ve polished his or her performance until it shines and we’ve found the venue in which to promote his or her act. Then what?  We help. Job done, yes?




Promoting your content is not just the last stage of the process, it’s the most significant one. From SEO to platform, from shameless promotion to simple sharing techniques, our craft gives your content the best possible chance to become what you want it to be – a showcase for your business and a lever to engineer more publicity, more conversions, more sales …from shy nerd to confident mover, effective promotion turns your content into the star of the show.

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