quality control

Quality control, SEO and Google Pigeon

Today, let’s talk about the Google Pigeon. If you are reading this, you probably can tell that it’s a Google update we are referring to. The Google pigeon update isn’t new. In fact, its succeeded by the Panda 4.0 update. However, there’s a distinct difference between the two, a reason we are talking about both […]

seo strategy

5 innovative SEO strategies that can work in the long run

If the Google Penguin and Pigeon updates have affected your site, you might need to reconsider your SEO strategies. Google will consistently tinker on with its algorithm, in its bid to help users get the most relevant results possible. However, that shouldn’t stop you from investing in SEO. Or for that matter, understanding who your […]


Social Campaign Audits and Your Site’s SEO: The Relation

If it’s something that relates to your site’s SEO, you know that you need to get it done right. For every guy who needs to start off his SEO campaign, the initial problem is to understand how to measure the success.   Google’s head of web spam, Matt Cutt has repeatedly stated that social media […]

local seo

Influencing Local SEO rankings – Understanding Local Search Results

We talked about the Google Pigeon update post a while back. There, we talked about how Google’s returning back to 7-Pack results than the 3-Pack results from before. If you haven’t already Googled up what a 7-Pack or a 3-Pack result is, here is what you need to know about them. So, let’s say you […]

google penguin 3

Is Penguin 3.0 Google’s Ebola and do you have an online antibiotic?

At the end of last week, Google confirmed, or perhaps admitted, that the Penguin filter has been updated. Most of the web is calling this Penguin 3.0 although if you actually count all the updates to Penguin thus far, it’s the sixth update. Confused? Don’t be.   Google Penguin Updates Google runs a number of […]

seo myths

10 Google Myths You Shouldn’t Really be Worried About

A lot of us follow Matt Cutt’s blog. Matt Cutt, a software engineer with Google, shares some interesting insights about how Google ranks websites in his blog and YouTube channel. And since that’s all there to it, with the Search Giant protecting its search algorithm all the time, many of us follow Cutt’s blog to […]

Best SMB SEO Plan with a $1,000 budget

For a Small or Medium Business Enterprise, investing in Paid Search results for long may not be feasible. You can have Google Adwords aiding you in your marketing strategy, but using Adwords should now be your primary marketing strategy. So, what do you need to do to make it big and create your own online […]

domain relevance

Google’s ability to Create Keyword Relevance to Websites

Domain names are one of the primary things that tell Google about your site. Most website owners know of the testing times when they had to think about their website name. With millions of websites only and plenty of domain registrars, you will possibly find your domain name being taken. Popular domain names can set […]

back t basics seo

Best Practices to make your Site Google Friendly

Best Practices to make your Site Google Friendly   Google is finally looking to reward informative and engaging content that brings in something useful for the reader. Google’s semantic search system is something that brings in a breath of fresh air. However, not many site owners can be happy, at least not those who have […]

Google Rankings 2014: Surviving in the Era of Google

Google has changed over the years. It hasn’t confined itself to the job of listing out websites alone. It was simple before in the 1990’s. You use keywords, and Google ranked your webpage according to your on-page keyword usage. Fast forward to a decade and a half and we have Google ensuring that nobody can […]

Το SEO είναι από μόνο του πολύ απαιτητικό, χρειάζεται ανθρώπους με γνώσεις, συνεχή εκπαίδευση και ενημέρωση γύρω από τις εξελίξεις. Αν δεν έχεις τον χρόνο ή αν σε τρομάζουν όλα αυτά, τότε στην SEO experts θα βρείς τον μόνιμο συνεργάτη που θα φέρει τα αποτελέσματα που ψάχνεις.

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