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Google’s Big- So How Small are Others?

Google is often what we talk about when it comes to SEO. The Search Giant’s well known for a number of reasons, including helping your website be featured more distinctly and bring in more traffic. With around 6 billion searches everyday, Google does hold promise for website owners. It is

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Google Pigeon Algorithm

Google “Pigeon”and its effects We all know what pigeons do. Fly around in flocks and cr** on everything. Which is why when Google released a new algorithm to improve local search engine results, it didn’t call it pigeon. In fact, it didn’t call it anything. One of the most significant

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Hummingbird – Δεν προκειται για Long – tail Search

Απο τον τίτλο του άρθρου οι πιο εξοικειωμένοι ίσως έχετε καταλάβει ότι  μιλάμε για τον τελευταίο αλγόριθμο της Google. Το άρθρο αυτό  έχει σκοπό  να διαφωνήσει  με σχεδόν κάθε θέση που έχουν πάρει  οι ειδικοί για το Hummingbird.  Σχεδόν όσοι ασχολούνται με το SEO εκεί έξω  αναφέρουν ότι πρέπει  να χρησιμοποιήσετε

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Penguin Update

Penguin Update   Penguin Update has introduced various changes. You should synchronize your website as per the website so that you can make the most through the search engine rankings. You should have a strong post-penguin strategy to accomplish this task. The update was released in April, 2012. The update

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EMD update (exact match domain update)

EMD update (exact match domain update) Quality websites are identified through TLD extensions like .Com, .Net, .Org and other domain extensions. Other parameters that are taken into consideration include the number of keywords used in the post and domains with stop words. If there are number of dashes, it is

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