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Can Apple iWatch change how we look at SEO?

For some reason, SEO’s often synced with Google today. The reasons are various. Perhaps it’s because Google holds more than 75% share in most countries worldwide when it comes to internet traffic and the search engine people look up to. Perhaps it’s because the search algorithms of other Search Engines aren’t that advanced, or so people feel. Perhaps it’s because we just love Google.


However, all that might soon change, at least for some of us.


The Apple iWatch – How’s it going to change the game?


Slated to launch in early 2015, the iWatch is Apple’s latest flagship product.


It’s something that we have been hearing about the last few years. Apple has constantly tinkered with new technologies, and the smart watch always seemed in the offing. There’s a lot that Apple says you can do with the iWatch including changing the screens and measuring different health metrics. But there’s another thing that needs to be talked about.


Putting things in perspective


If mobiles have led people to search differently and made web developers, organizations and website owners think about creating mobile friendly sites to reach out to a larger audience, the iWatch seems to be another stepping stone here.


Now, it’s not about typing in the phrases any more.


The iWatch has an interesting feature that we need to talk about. Ever switched on your mobile device and the GPS to search where you are going? Maybe you just Googled to know the directions first? Well, you need not do so with the iWatch. Apple’s concept is entirely new and something that am sure they will protect it as much as Google protects its algorithm.


It’s known as the haptic feedback. Users do not need to see the screen or Google for information. Rather, they will be getting buzzes in their hands that will help them know the direction they need to turn to. Imagine how useful this would be if you are driving a car. There’s no need to look at the directions or to hear anything, you would know where to go easily.


What happens now?

If you are using a smart phone to find your way, you are probably dictating to Google through your voice commands. The iWatch is surely going to increase this method of searching, as you really cannot be expected to type in a screen so small. Do note that Apple states that you need iPhone 5 and above for the iWatch to work, an indication that you may not be able to fully explore the device’s capabilities if you do not have an iPhone. But then, if you’re an Apple fan, you probably own an iPhone already.


Here’s the catch though if you expect Google to benefit.


Apple doesn’t rely on Google. Rather, Siri, Apple’s own Voice command assistant, uses Bing. Bing, owned by Microsoft hasn’t had much success in the past. So, if you focus solely on Google, you might end up featuring on Google search results and not Bing’s.


Let’s put it this way.


Say, you have a restaurant in Portland. Including your restaurant result in Google wouldn’t automatically feature you in Google. You may need to do a bit more than focusing on Google – you need to ensure that other search engines index you as well. Focusing solely on Google may not be the solution, especially if your business needs differ. Here are some reasons you may need to consider how newer technologies like this may effect you and why you may need to focus on other search engines as well.


  1. Who are your customers?

Let’s talk about the iWatch. Do you really need people who use the iWatch? If you have a B2B business model or a business where the focus customers are business professionals and those working in the corporate sector, you may need to rethink your SEO strategy.


Yes, you can do well to focus on what the iWatch wearers need. This is because a major portion of Apple’s customers are businesses and those working there, and you may be losing out significantly by not having a SEO strategy in place that can help you feature prominently in Bing. Yes, there may be times that you still need to invest in SEO for search engines other than Google.


  1. When diversifying is the need

It’s never too bad to have a strategy in place for other search engines. You do not need to have a specific and targeted strategy for every search engine out there. Just demarcate where your customers are and focus on a SEO strategy that can reach out to the maximum audience.


  1. For local rankings


It seems that the main effect of the iWatch will be on those looking to have a local search engine presence. This is because most people wearing the iWatch is likely to look for directions to a particular place than say searching for things like ‘who is the best cloud provider’.


So, if you are a restaurant or an eatery, you might just want to be featured on the Bing Local Page as well, instead of just Google. The competition is less in Bing, and so it might be easier for you to rank in respect to certain keywords. However, there’s a slight problem – most people think with what Google’s thinking and not a lot of us really give a thought for the other search engines; a reason you might need to hire an expert to help you with your SEO strategy for Bing. Analysts predict the rise of local searches significantly in countries like U.S. where there are sure to be many iWatch wearers. Users will not be searching for places that’s hundreds of miles away too, they might just ask Siri for directions to the nearby restaurant that’s located within 5 miles.


We are not yet sure as to the exact extent of how the iWatch’s going to change the SEO industry, but it’s surely going to have an affect on your business, if you’re concentrating solely on


You can come to us for an evaluation of whether your current SEO strategies are at par with what you need and for an understanding of what you may need to do to get better returns. With customized and flexible plans, we ensure that your SEO strategy helps you get the most from your visitors. As a business, you do not just need visitors; you need conversions. SEO strategies that help you get targeted traffic that do not just help you quantify traffic but leads is what will help you. We will keep you posted on how the iWatch can change the SEO field.