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Best Practices to make your Site Google Friendly

Best Practices to make your Site Google Friendly   Google is finally looking to reward informative and engaging content that brings in something useful for the reader. Google’s semantic search system is something that brings in a breath of fresh air. However, not many site owners can be happy, at least not those who have […]

Google Rankings 2014: Surviving in the Era of Google

Google has changed over the years. It hasn’t confined itself to the job of listing out websites alone. It was simple before in the 1990’s. You use keywords, and Google ranked your webpage according to your on-page keyword usage. Fast forward to a decade and a half and we have Google ensuring that nobody can […]

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Is parallax an SEO red flag?

There’s quite a heated debate at present about parallax design and its effects on SEO. Many business owners think that website decisions should be easy – it should be straightforward to decide what the best choice is for the business’s online presence and then to implement it. Sadly, it’s not quite that simple – websites […]

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Call to action Tweaks to Boost Your Conversions

How often have you looked at your marketing strategy and felt that you aren’t making the leeway you need to? Or worse, are you still wondering what Call to Action means? Here are a few Call to Action tweaks that can help you boost your conversion rate and get more from your conversion rate. What […]

SSL and SEO – how higher security can benefit your website’s ranking

In a recent blog post, Google talked about a top priority – security. This a high consideration for Google; it has already worked on its own services – relying on industry-pioneering security systems such as strong HTTPS encryption in its Search, Drive and Gmail services. But for Google it doesn’t stop there – its algorithms […]

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Google Pigeon Algorithm

Google “Pigeon”and its effects We all know what pigeons do. Fly around in flocks and cr** on everything. Which is why when Google released a new algorithm to improve local search engine results, it didn’t call it pigeon. In fact, it didn’t call it anything. One of the most significant features of this new development […]

race for life now

Race For Life Now

Some of humanity’s greatest achievements are now taken for granted – restoring sight to the blind, or hearing to the death, eradicating polio, defeating cancer …   Well perhaps not that last one. Not yet. The battle with cancer has been long and hard and many important victories have been won. Some cancers are now […]


Is content the business solution – or are we just ugly guys dancing in the kitchen?

Businesses are being told to ‘market content’and that if they don’t have valuable and shareable content they are failing to achieve what is possible for their business. But isn’t this like taking a skinny, social-skills-free nerd out of his corner of the kitchen (where he’s pontificating about the role of tannins in red wine) and […]

How Copywriting has changed over the years

Salman Rushdie, Fay Weldon, F Scott Fitzgerald, Kenny Everett, Hugh Hefner, Rick Moranis, Terry Gilliam – some of the world’s best known novelists, personalities and business leaders.   Yes, but also copywriters.   Each of these great talents started their careers in copywriting. It was always seen as a place for those who were good […]


How well does your brand travel?

‘Ich bin ein Berliner‘, the phrase uttered by John F Kennedy which has become iconic – and much debated!*  Such a simple phrase, but one that’s echoed down the decades, and as a result of that debate, become better known than almost any phrase in translation. Simple things that engage us always create identity and […]

Το SEO είναι από μόνο του πολύ απαιτητικό, χρειάζεται ανθρώπους με γνώσεις, συνεχή εκπαίδευση και ενημέρωση γύρω από τις εξελίξεις. Αν δεν έχεις τον χρόνο ή αν σε τρομάζουν όλα αυτά, τότε στην SEO experts θα βρείς τον μόνιμο συνεργάτη που θα φέρει τα αποτελέσματα που ψάχνεις.

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