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7 Advanced SEO Tactics – Knowing how to score with your site

If you’ve been reading SEO strategies but are yet looking for a way to give the right boost to your site traffic, this post is for you. We won’t confine ourselves to run of the mill SEO strategies that all marketers use, but look at something more.


It’s simple – you don’t just need to know about SEO juice, you need to know how to get it in the easiest and most effective way possible.


To dominate the SERPs, there are a number of on page and off page optimization techniques that promises excellent results. Here are a few tactics that can raise the level of your website on Google and other search engines. Check out the advanced route for compelling results.

  1. The ‘Search Your Site the Way Search Bots Do’ Way

If you have been reading about the Panda and Penguin updates, you probably know that content rich sites are loved by Google and get more social response. Today, it’s not about unique content itself, but content that’s relevant and engaging. The user needs to be interested to read what you post and must share with others. When you know this, you probably understand that Google needs to index your site properly.

A great way to do this is to disable Javascript – you can do it easily in Firefox by selecting Preferences, going to Content and then unchecking the ‘Enable Javascript’ option.

This will help you to view your site in a way Google does – anything that’s within Javascript isn’t crawlable by Google, so you need to ensure that your site looks great otherwise as well. This is a great method to help you in your technical SEO strategy.


  1. Check the CSS Styling

Yes, the content needs to be lengthy and meaningful – but that’s not all there’s to it. Simply increasing the word count won’t impress Google or the readers. More, how do you ensure that your content is readable by Google? A great way to do this is to disable CSS. You can do this by installing a web developer plugin in Firefox. Here is a good example of a plugin that works. You can check the CSS styling and whether any content is obscured in this manner.

Google gives importance to content rich sites, so ensure that you’ve something relevant out there.

  1. Seek for long tail keywords

Understanding the mindset of the end user is important. For example, a user looking for purse may not necessarily buy it. On the other hand, a user looking for a brown purse strap may be ready to make a purchase. Remember, popular keywords only make about 30 percent of searches performed on the web. The other 70 percent are all long tail keyword searches.

Once you are done with the research of important keywords, use synonyms of commonly used words. You can place the synonyms throughout the content and add some variations to it at some important places that relate to the keywords. If the strategy is implemented appropriately, then you will notice the content of the site will rank high for the appropriate keyword. The important thing to consider is that the content should not look unnatural, as a single post using end number of variants may look like an advanced form of keyword stuffing. You can try out a website like to know more about the right search suggestions.

  1. Check for broken links and perform on-site analysis

You know the basics – do not stuff the blogs with keywords and do not make it a keyword centric blog post. However, having content that people like want to share with others isn’t the only thing that you need to have in mind. You need to check if your web pages have any broken links. A great site to check out any broken link of your webpages is Checking broken links ensure that your webpages have proper links means that Google doesn’t penalize you. You can perform different important but small SEO functions while on Small SEO tools, like check backlinks and keyword positions. While not all the features are useful, like the Article Rewriter feature would probably have you in the dumps if you’re using it to have content written in your webpages, you can do a small SEO audit yourself with the help the tools on the page.

  1. Sharing Media

Did you know that 90% of bloggers have some sort of media in their blogs? And it’s not just because people love seeing images and videos – it’s because you can index the pictures as well in Google. Google considers more than 200 factors when it comes to ranking a website. Among them, they give importance to user satisfaction as well.



While adding bullet points, hyper links, quotes, and headings are important, 2011 Technorati State of the Blog report states the image above – photos are the most popular media to accompany a blog post. The data is a bit dated but it’s true even now. On the other metrics, you need to know the page speed. You can go to to know the page speed of your website. In fact, the tool gives you a number of suggestions as well, to help you fix the errors and help you to have a better page speed. An improved page speed ensures reduced bounce rate and more engagement. Among other things, ensure that the font is easy on the eyes and make use of info graphics, videos, images, charts, and graphs. In fact, info graphics are a great way to catch visitor attention – between 2010 to 2012, infographic search volumes increased a staggering 800%.

  1. Make sure that complete website responds well to search engines:

If you’re using WordPress site, use the right SEO plugins – you can use SEO Yoast for instance. It will help you to fill up all the details easily, from the meta descriptions to the title tags. Perform comprehensive SEO audits – your website needs to be analyzed time to time and the errors fixes. Find and fix the problems using WebSite Auditor including zeroing in on problems like HTML code errors, server respond code errors like 404 and mismatching or duplicate content. You can get personal on page SEO reports as well – a great way is to install the WS Super Cache plugin if you’re having a WordPress site. Here’s the link to the plugin – What the plugin does is generate static HTML pages, improving page load times considerably.

  1. Link building should be continuous and empower it with social sharing

We cannot end this article without talking about SEO juice, especially as that’s going to form a major part of how successful your website can be – you need a good backlink strategy apart from the unique content you have. You can use a number of ways to increase backlinks – SEO tools and Guest Posting are but a few.

While the endeavor is to get your site mentioned on top sites that have regular and good amount of traffic, it’s important to remember that link signals should be fresh. Judging the popularity and relevance of links is vital before you perform link building. It’s no surprise that 60 percent of the WebPages are spam. You can try out link building through images and PDF’s, something that we will explain in depth later.


If you’re looking to get an in-depth SEO audit done for your site, contact us. At SEO-Experts, we would be happy to help you with all your SEO needs and help you rank higher. Remember, the right SEO strategies mean better business, which translates to more sales and higher growth.